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Remember, closet companies are storage design specialists. We can help you create the optimal closet spaces and then work with your clients to meet their needs. We design, manufacture and install beautiful shelving and cabinetry that capitalizes on organization while being aesthetically pleasing. We have a wide variety of colors and accessories that are sure to please your clients.

Walk-in closets:

  • 24" minimum from door edges to side of walls allows hanging on sidewalls.

Reach-in Closets:
  • No more than 18" from door edges to sidewalls, to make corners accessible.
  • Use French or bi-fold doors, rather than sliding doors, to allow flexibility for drawer pullouts.

  • 24" minimum from window edges to sidewalls allows hanging on sidewalls.
  • Space under windows may be used for shelving, hamper or a window seat.

Light Switches:
  • Locate outside the closet, or as close to the door as possible.

Closet Depths/Overall Sizes: Walk-in Closets:
  • Minimum 5’ closet depth allows inward door swing and hanging on back wall.
  • Minimum of 11’ width allows a center island
  • Up to 1/3 of the space is devoted to shelving so allow space for shelved items as well as hanging.

Wall Closets:
  • Ideal depth is 24-27".
  • Greater depths = wasted space, cannot be utilized.

Ceiling Heights:
  • 10’6" ceiling offer some "triple hang options"
  • Angled ceilings less than 7’ = no double hang
  • Walls less than 5’6" = no long hang
  • Walls less than 42" = no hanging, poor shelf access

Wardrobe Space Requirements:
  • Double hang height requirement 84" (Standard installation height for closet systems)
  • Women’s formal/floor length hang height requirement: 78"
  • Women’s long hang height requirement: 68" Women’s medium hang (skirts/slacks): Men’s slacks hang Height Requirement: 54"

Shoe Shelves:

  • 9" W per pair men’s shoes; 7" W per pair women’s shoes
  • (28" wide section holds about 40 pairs of women’s shoes or 30 pairs of men’s shoes, using 10 shelves up to 84" height)

Light Fixtures:
  • Be sure to install ceiling light fixtures at least 30" from the wall.
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